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(7/27/2014) Cleveland Triathlon Olympic Ages
(7/27/2014) Cleveland Triathlon Olympic Overall
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(7/27/2014) Cleveland Triathlon Sprint Overall
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(7/25/2014) Christmas in July 5k Run and Walk 5K Run/Walk
(7/19/2014) Roundtown Classic 5k
(7/19/2014) Shelby YMCA Triathlon All Results
(7/19/2014) Roundtown Classic 5 Mile
  • Join us for a one-of-a-kind, point-to-point race.

    The Scioto Miles 10 Miler is an ideal goal race for the summer, or can serve as a great tune-up race for the Emerald City Half Marathon and all your
    fall half or full marathons.

    When: August 3rd - 7am start time
    Where: Griggs Reservoir & Genoa Park

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