Premier Sports is proud to announce the implementation of ChronoTrack, the latest innovation in timing technology. ChronoTrack provides superior reliability along with the use of a disposable system called, B-Tags that attach directly to your race bib. No more shoe tags that have to be returned after the race!


One of the many goals of the ChronoTrack system is to simplify the timing process for athletes. A disposable tag eliminates the need for several organizational choke points that allow the athletes to spend more time focusing on their competition and less time waiting in lines. Shorter lines before the race to pick up your bib and chip and no line to return your tag or chip afterward are just some of the benefits to the ChronoTrack system.



ChronoTrack Timing System Benefits

  • Disposable tag
  • Accurate time
  • No fees for lost or unreturned tags
  • Less hassle post race
  • Lighter, less intrusive tag
  • No pre-race check-in
  • No post-race tag turn-in


Also available with Chronotrack it the Chronotrack Live Platform that allows participants to see their results in real time on results kiosks at the finish line or through live online results on their phones or tablets. Chronotrack Live is the formost live results engine that also offers the opportunity to sync finish line photos with race results that runners can either purchase or download.


If you have questions about Chronotrack or the Chronotack Live platform feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To learn more about Chronotrack Live click HERE



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