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If you are interested in a fundraiser for your organization or have an established event, please let us know. We offer custom solutions and our services range from directing the entire event, to managing only the finish line, and anything in between!

The services listed below are available to all Premier Sports clients. If you require a custom solution or have any questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Events planning is typically staged in 3 phases: pre-race planning, race day activities, and post race follow through. The parts of each phase are described below.

Pre-Race Planning

  • Entry form design
  • Course design and measurement
  • Instruction for race officials and volunteers
  • Online Registration
  • Promotion via our website
  • Race numbers provided
  • Safety pins provided
  • Pre-race planning session
  • Permit acquisition
  • Working with local police to ensure safe roadways
  • Technical Race Shirts design and ordering
  • Awards design and ordering
  • Bulk mailing option to Central Ohio runners/walkers
  • Insurance / liability coverage

Race Day Activities

  • Registration coordination
  • Volunteer instruction
  • Safety management on roadways
  • Computerized race-day registration
  • Participant listings in alphabetical and numerical order
  • All finish line and chute material provided
  • ChronoTrack Chip Timing with Live Results available when choosing the Chronotrack Live Platform
  • We can also offer Finish Line Photos that are viewable with your finish results
  • Final results for division winners processed immediately for prompt award ceremonies, if desired
  • Complete listings of overall results available within minutes of race completion, if desired
  • Finish line clock
  • Start and finish line equipment

Post Race Follow Through

  • Entrant database for follow-up promotions
  • Results will be posted on our website
  • Evaluation meeting / critique upon request
  • What next?

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or for pricing information.

Pace and Calories Calculator

Want to know how fast you are going per mile?

Want to know how many calories you burned during your workout?

Use our Pace & Calories Calculator to calculate your pace and calories burned by inputting some simple data from your run. All we need is the distance you ran, your weight and the time spent running.

Use the Pace & Calories Calculator

Run Pace Calculator

Our Run Pace Calculator will help you determine how fast you need to run to meet a certain goal. Enter the race distance in km or miles, the time in which you'd like to finish the race, then click compute. Your required pace will be displayed in the Minutes - Seconds (pace) boxes.

This is an excellent tool for helping runners reach incremental goals during longer races.

Use the Run Pace Calculator

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